New owners at the Silver Sands Motel!

A little update as we prepare for the coming Westport Rod Run. Rhonda McBee has decided to sell the Silver Sands Motel. Back in the day, Rhonda and her husband, Jerry, operated the Silver Sands and was a big partner to Eastside Street Rod. For some years they hosted the Friday night cruise in next to the motel right outside of Jerry’s shop where he was a car builder. Through out the weekend we hosted our check-in out from the motel where it was easy to find right along South Montesano Street. After Jerry passed away, Rhonda kept the tradition alive and continued to run the Motel. Every year we have had the support of Rhonda to setup our checkin and the motel and greet everyone as they arrive for the weekend. We look forward to the new owners and the vision they have for the Silver Sands!

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